Situation Update

While the community remains in lockdown the Parish Council has instituted a few changes that may have an impact on the Village Hall.

First, they have decided to close the top end of the car park. Access to the recycling centre will be maintained throughout, though I understand it is their intention to have the paper bank removed as and when the contractors can be bothered to pick it up. Meanwhile paper, and cardboard, can be recycled via your green bin. NNDC collections are operating more or less as normal for the moment.

Work on building the PC’s WC continues, if slowly. It will be good to ¬†get the work finished while the hall is out of use so as to cause minimal disruption to users.

The children’s play area has been closed due to concerns about transmission of the virus via the play equipment. This is in line with other councils. We have insisted though that the upper play area/football pitch remain open for villagers to exercise and let off steam. Family groups only, please.

The PC has organised volunteers to help elderly self-isolators with shopping and other needs. Contact them for more information. The village has recently suffered its first death from Covid-19; we must do all we can to make sure there are no more.

Now, wash your hands…